A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual:
A Celebration of the Darkness and the Light
with Songs and Stories

by Julie Forest Middleton & Stasa Morgan-Appel
8 1/2 X 11" - 78 pages -

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A complete, deeply powerful, non-denominational Winter Solstice
ritual celebration to perform. The book/CD kit works as well for a
small circle (read the text, play the CD, and sing along),and as a
large community or church ritual that's a calming gift at a hectic
time of year. The 15 songs, rounds, and sing-alongs, the readings
and the narrator's script combine as a seamless celebration for the longest night of the year and the returning of the light.

This ritual has been performed in Philadelphia PA, New London CT, Indianapolis IN, Seattle WA, Athens GA, and Northern CA.


SCRIPT for the narration
MUSIC for all 15 songs, chants, sing-alongs

"I love the universalism of the program which draws from calypso, Western polyphonic choral singing, Native American texts, Greek mythology, Feminist rounds, Pagan chants, and even an old American hymn."

Copies of the READINGS
NOTES on Production, Ritual, Music - 27 pages

“The authors have considered and addressed every conceivable issue organizers might encounter in presenting such an event, not only the music, words and the ritual script itself, but also venue considerations, program, props, advertising -- everything!”


“What a fabulous project! This book bridges the gap for those who want to add music to their rituals but don’t read music and are unsure of their group leading skills. With its seamless integration of script, music, and production notes, this will allow Winter Solstice celebrations to spring up out of the fertile ground of many nature-celebrating communities. This is an excellent resource, and the CD is so well done it will surely be a Solstice favorite for years to come.”


All MUSIC in performance
TEACHING TRACKS for speedy song learning

“As a UU choir director, I think the inclusion of both sheet music and the teaching tracks on CD is its best feature. That helps us include people who don't read sheet music!”


Singers, music director, narrator, readers

This ritual works well for a small circle: read the script and sing along with the CD

“I was very moved and reminded of faith and hope in the darkness.

“In December when I notice myself mentally griping about how short the days are, I remember the lessons of the Solstice — seeds grow in the dark, babies grow in the dark. And I can breathe and appreciate the darkness.”

It works well on a larger scale: As a gift to your community during a hectic time of year

“A holiday concert -- and something more. A really really fresh winter holiday program without Santa Claus or horrible parodies and rewrites of familiar carols. A December event which inspires people without offending them.”

As a bridging ritual between the Pagan community and the “muggles”

“Provides a format for outreach that allows you to display a complete, eclectic Pagan Solstice ritual in a way that’s accessible to people you’ve never been exposed to Paganism before.” — Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project

“Very moving to attend a Pagan service that was public — in a civic space — and polished!”

As a group fundraiser

“Our chorus has made money on this every year.”

“A participatory ritual of song, narrative, meditation and action, it takes everyone—the audience, the narrators, the singers—deep into the darkness, then journeys through that darkness to greet the joyous return of light. Superb!”